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About us

A Family owned business since 2002

Cape Eastern Livestock is a livestock marketing and procurement company. Operating from Alexandria in the Eastern Cape and sourcing throughout South Africa, Cape Eastern Livestock has found itself specialising in the dairy industry while concentrating on sales and abattoir marketing of dairy and beef cattle.

We are actively involved in the marketing of slaughter stock to our local and national abattoir. Purchasing of beef weaners for various feeds lots in South Africa and sourcing alternate markets for our clients, is one of many tasks we endeavour.


The Agricultural Produce Agents Council regulates the occupations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents.

As registered exporters, Cape Eastern Livestock is involved in direct and indirect export of dairy heifers to other African countries. We also supply our neighbouring provinces with dairy cattle, as well as procuring livestock for clients from all over South Africa.

Cape Eastern Livestock has a team of 20 Employees with top specialist in various sectors of the Livestock industry.

The dedication to the well being of all animals in our care and excellent service to our clients is something we are extremely proud of.

Our team

David Howard

Managing Director
Marketing Consultant & Livestock Specialist

+27 (0)82 573 7008

David Howard is the founding member and managing director of Cape Eastern Livestock.

David has over 25 years’ experience in the livestock marketing field and is well respected for his honesty and integrity.  He has a vast knowledge of the different breeds of livestock and their characteristics, whether it be for breeding or slaughter. David has grown up in the Livestock industry as his father John has been and still is a marketing agent for the last 45 years.

Jordyn Howard

Marketing Consultant and Property Sales

+27 (0) 79 899 7061

Jordyn spent his school holidays working with his Dad and Grandpa, attending Auctions and working different breeds of Livestock over the years, This is where his passion for the industry was ignited, and his interest in Marketing and Livestock started.

Jordyn is Studying Marketing part time and has already made a valuable contribution to the Livestock Marketing team. Jordyn has established a farm sale and property division with REMAX Independent Properties.

Jordyn joined Cape Eastern in 2021.

Sandra Goosen

Office Administrator

+27 (0)60 773 7138

Sandra has been in the Livestock industry for more than 13 years where she worked as an administration clerk. She then went on to gain 16 years experience in the Butchery industry and has hands on experience with the processing and costing of Red Meat, Also gaining extensive knowledge on the meat grading system in South Africa.

A Total of 29 years in the Agricultural and Red Meat industry, where she handled all the Administration and front of house work.

Sandra is committed to professional bookkeeping and understands the Need for Client confidentiality in this field.

Sandra Joined Cape Eastern in 2016 to date.

Dwain Goldsmith

Emergency Vehicle Supervisor
Marketing Consultant & Client Liaison

+27 (0)72 010 2723

Dwain is the youngest member of our Marketing team; Dwain grew up on a Sheep and Cattle farm on the Edge of the Eastern Cape Bordering Lesotho. After completing his studies Dwain moved into the field of Technology, but there was always that longing to be back in Agriculture. Dwain then moved on to work with Farmers in the Agricultural Co-op gaining knowledge on the different needs of the farming community.

Dwain joined Cape Eastern in 2018 to date.

Leon Schoombee

Logistics Manager
Marketing Consultant & in house Animal Health Technician

+27 (0)82 496 2138

Leon Schoombee entered the Agricultural field in 1995 through the Equine industry. Managing a Thoroughbred Racehorse Stud and training horses for a few years, Leon gained valuable techniques on understanding the ever baffling mind of Animals. Leon then moved on to working with a well known Veterinarian, and gained an extensive knowledge of cattle anatomy and animal husbandry. With an obvious passion for Animals and a need for self betterfication.

Leon then joined a National Agricultural Wholesaler as a Floor Manager and Wholesale Buyer where he honed his Business skills and was able to build a network amongst the local farmers, vendors alike. And gaining extensive knowledge on Veterinary and animal health products.

After 15 years of refining his skill set in the Agricultural business field, Leon joined Cape Eastern Livestock.

Leon Joined Cape Eastern in 2010 to date.

Cape Eastern Livestock Timeline


Cape Eastern Livestock Trust Established by David Howard


First Dispersal Auction was held in association with Stock Owners


First Dairy Production Auction Held in association with Stock Owners


John Howard joined Cape Eastern Livestock


First Large Farm Sale and Total Dairy Production Auction


Auction & Cattle handling facilities erected on leased ground.


First EXPORT of Holstein Heifers on 00 Code to Botswana


Agreement with Buiatrica Farming established for indirect Exports


Cape Eastern Livestock CC was registered and the Trust was discontinued.


First Indirect Export of Jersey Heifers started to Mozambique


Indirect Export to Angola & Congo of Dairy & Beef Cattle


Contracted to Supply Triple A beef with weaners


Indirect Export to Zimbabwe


Skylark Logistics division of Cape Eastern was formed for Sub-contracting


Registered as an Independent Exporter & Importer


Emergency Slaughter Vehicles was introduced


Cape Eastern Livestock Depot was purchased


APAC Certification achieved. The Agricultural Produce Agents Council regulates the occupations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents and maintain and enhance the status and dignity of those occupations and the integrity of persons practicing those occupations, according to Section 9, Agricultural Produce Agents Act, 12 of 1992.  View certificate


Visit to China as one of the representatives with Sarah Bartman District Municipality and attended the Import/Export Conference in Shanghai.